There could be other civilizations out there who are already using super-luminal signals for interstellar communication. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence using Earth-based telescopes have not detected any messages in the 4D electromagnetic mode because the extraterrestrial civilisation(s) may be using a different (5D) mode.

Communication with extraterrestrial civilizations using electromagnetic waves must inevitably be compromised to some extent by the finite speed of light. If the universe really does have five (or more) dimensions, exchanging signals via the fifth dimension may be this is the faster and preferred method.

The development of the new Quantum Super luminal Communications (QSC) system is application specific for SETI. The QSC system has in built characteristics within the five dimensional state providing the communications that is 10⁵c than light. The design of the QSC system relies on a complex design that is an interplay of characteristics of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. The operations of the system provide instantaneous communications no matter what the distance.