Quantum Super luminal Communications or QSC : A space communications system

Radio SETI relies on directional targets for possible signals. Using either one large radio dish or an array of small radio dishes combined to give a larger aperture. A QSC system uses omni directional antenna system. This has the advantage that it can receive all targets at once. Because one is restricted to longitudinal waves means assuming that other civilisations are applying this same radiation as a form of communications in our space time. It is likely that some civilisations are using this method of communications because of the vast galactic distances of transferring information.



We embarked on researching and developing communications systems for the past 10 years. A number of proof of concept systems were built to test out the FTL or quantum superluminal communications QSC method. In 2015, our best QSC system resulted in a good signal to noise ratio (SNR) and has been in operation since then.. We also decided to improve the SNR by building another more powerful QSC system. This will come on stream in early 2017. This later system is now going to be duplicated and located in another country. This is important for verification purposes in the event of a possible ETI signal.


SETI Kingsland is using communications systems that operates based within the interplay of Einstein’s Relativity and quantum physics. We are using a wireless space communications signalling architecture that has been built based on new technology for converting transverse EM into longitudinal waves.