We started in 1990 exploring different aspects of SETI. SETI radio was the core research tool up to then by many Institutions. We explored alternative approaches specifically within the new branch of optical SETI (OSETI). We also researched a new theory that may be Bracewell and Von Neuman probes could be within our Solar System. This resulted in developing an all sky tracking system.

We originally operated an all sky surveillance within an OSETI framework in 2000. This involved multiple low light cameras, tracking platforms and telescopes. Infrared and spectroscopy were featured to record any worthwhile anomalies. This facility is still operational and supports the new communications system in the event of an anomaly. It has also had a spin off in recording other astronomical events. Because of the nature of the communications system, it was decided to focus efforts to continuously improve it.

Since 2015 our communications system embraces the premise that there are advanced ET civilisations within the Milky Way galaxy. The application of QSC using longitudinal waves is the main method of communications in both receiving and transmitting. Our present organisational structure has had to change because of the nature of the communications being instantaneous. It means we are operating within real time framework anticipating a signal that requires a instant response. This framework is two way communications.

Our model suggests statistically that we could expect a signal any time.