Widening the scope of new methods of detecting extra-terrestrial civilizations would offer more options within SETI. ET civilisations may be using quantum superluminal communications as a means to transfer information over vast galactic distances instantaneously outside the electromagnetic spectrum. This possible activity may be by passing current SETI radio methods for detection. Analysis of Kardashev Classes 1 to 2 civilizations may be using faster than light (FTL) travel and therefore superluminal communications. This means that it opens up the possibility of widening the search capabilities for detection. A super luminal communications system is currently been used at SETI Kingsland to widen the possibility of detections and is complimentary to the existing radio/microwave searches. This new system provides not only possible detections but instant two way communications with an ET civilization.


Our Vision

To be innovators, striving to solve if there are other extraterrestrial civilisations in the Universe.


Our Deliverables:

To explore for other extraterrestrial civilisations in the Universe

To make our research outcomes widely known to society and pass on our dreams to future generations.

To mentor next-generation researchers for their role on the world-stage.