SETI Kingsland operates a facility for exploration and research at Kingsland, County Roscommon, Republic of Ireland. SETI Kingsland is pioneering a new approach to SETI which widens the search approach for the detection of extraterrestrial civilisations. The operation supports a small team of scientists who work on a range of topics from instrumentation engineering, software support, space communications, language interpretation and socio cultural.

We decided not to go the radio SETI route because there are a number of large radio telescopes in use for SETI. We explored a different approach to widen the electromagnetic spectrum based on the premise that we may be dealing with advanced civilisations that are not using radio for communications. We also realised that civilisations expanding out from their home star system may well have achieved faster than light (FTL) travel and therefore must be using faster than light (FTL) communications. However, even if a civilisation has not achieved FTL travel they may also be using FTL communications within the quantum universe.